Welcome to The Dude Hates Cancer, Dude.

Welcome to the official site of The Dude Hates Cancer, a Lebowski-themed fundraising campaign for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Since its foundation in Philadelphia in 2006, The Dude Hates Cancer has raised over half a million dollars for LLS!

TDHC invokes the laid-back spirit of The Dude to create a fun, relaxed fundraising campaign that culminates in — what else? — a bowling tournament. While we take it easy on the lanes, each campaign features a fundraising campaign in which participants that raise the most for our cause are rewarded with terrific prizes donated by local businesses.

With campaigns in five cities — Philadelphia, Buffalo, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco — The Dude has put cancer on notice:

This cancer will not stand, man!

Find us in these cities

The Dude Hates Cancer - Philadelphia, PA

Image Credit: Rob Shenk

The Dude Hates Cancer - Buffalo, NY

Image Credit: Tim Gerland

The Dude Hates Cancer - Los Angeles, CA

Image Credit: Mircea Goia

The Dude Hates Cancer - San Francisco, CA

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The Dude Hates Cancer - Cleveland, OH

Image Credit: Tom Baker